Outdoor Storage Solutions

Outdoor Storage Solutions

We want to help you maximize the potential of your property line without requiring special permits. Get in touch with us to discuss your unique storage needs and find out how we can create a package of standard units to turn your underutilized spaces into revenue streams.

Benefits of FLEX over Traditional Materials

      • Lightweight composite construction allows for portability with a standard forklift.
      • Composite material requires virtually no maintenance, is UV stabilized, and resistant to moisture and insects.
      • Maximized storage potential – Flex portable units can be placed where traditional storage cannot. With custom platforms, lightweight designs, and weather-resistant packages, previous limitations are removed.
      • When purchased as equipment, Flex storage units can have many tax advantages.
      • Great investment – Flex storage units are cost-effective and easily scalable to accommodate your storage growth.
      • Flex Building Systems offers a 1-year limited warranty.

See our Standard Storage Layouts here!