Innovative Indoor Storage: Michigan Warehouse Transformed

FLEX Partners with Michigan’s Largest Self-Storage Operator

Pogoda Companies is Michigan’s largest self-storage operator and a broker. FLEX Storage Systems worked with the Pagoda Group and turned an old hostess retail factory into a thriving indoor storage facility in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Therefore, FLEX was able to create accessible indoor storage both climate-controlled and not. 

FLEX’s patented plastic panels (say that three times fast) were an obvious choice for Jim Jakubus, Pagoda’s Construction Manager, who was eager to share his experience.

“These units are attractive and blend in well with the existing metal system. The customers appear to like the appearance and especially prefer the climate-controlled spaces. I’m certain we will experience a positive ROI as these continue to rent.”

Furthermore, FLEX transformed Pagoda’s 7,000 square foot project within a mere 2 weeks. 

“We were pleased with the customer service from start to finish in terms of field measurement, shop drawing preparation and providing the maximum unit mix for space. The installation was seamless in adapting to an occupied property with coordination around the tenants” said Jakubus. 

The FLEX Advantage

FLEX offers huge advantages over competing storage companies, due to their low maintenance products, once installed.  Above all, our competition’s product will continue to dent, become scratched, punctured, rusted, and show exposed screws – just a few of many additional expenses that come along with the post-installation of our competition’s units.

Getting the Quickest ROI for Your Business

The sooner our clients are able to sell their units, the better. With FLEX’s interlocking panel construction, installing units are quick and can easily customize a layout to fit your building. FLEX can get you through the construction phase of your project and back to business faster than anyone else in the industry so you get the maximum ROI. Are you ready to turn your business around? Contact FLEX Storage Systems today or request a quote on our website.