4 Tips to Achieve the Fastest Build and ROI on Your Storage Business

Business owners are always looking to maximize their ROI, or rather, their return on investment. Self-storage owners know that when their units are full, business is good. Owning a self-storage company is a promising investment that offers you a future of financial stability. Your choice of suppliers when building a storage business is the first step to securing your ROI. Luckily, the team at FLEX Storage Systems offers you the industry’s most innovative storage building solutions. The following tips will help you achieve the most for your investment. 

1. Start From Scratch: Find Your Storage Business Location

There’s no empty lot or abandoned warehouse that you can’t handle! An outdoor self-storage location offers your customers the ease and convenience of outside access. Customers can drive up to their unit and unload on the spot. The benefits of an indoor storage business are enhanced security, climate control, and safety from outdoor influences like weather and insects. Whether your storage units will be indoor or outdoor, FLEX’s team has experience building both. With FLEX’s individual, interlocking panels, you can create custom unit sizes to fit your space’s capabilities. 

2. Choose a Dedicated Team of Builders

Before seeing a return on your investment, you first have to get your store doors open for business! The smaller the gap of time from start to finish, the sooner you can begin selling your storage units. A project such as this may sound like many months of waiting but FLEX Building Systems’ team of builders move quickly and efficiently. Their speed is credited to their patented interlocking panels that slide and snap into place. 

3. Invest in the Most Innovative Building Material

Owning a business is a long-term commitment. When owning a storage rental business, you want your focus to be on keeping units full, not on keeping them in shape. Traditional steel storage units require frequent upkeep. Many consumers don’t know that Polycarbonate, the strongest plastic, is available in the storage unit market. FLEX Storage Systems has premium PVC panels that can take your storage business to the next level. FLEX’s panels are industry-leading, innovative, and constantly evolving – offering you different colors and sizes. If you’re looking to get the most for your money, FLEX’s plastic panels are your #1 choice in building material. 

Clark Moore, owner of Devon Self Storage knows first-hand the importance of investing in your self-storage business.

“In evaluating vendors for my +80,000 GSF indoor conversion project, FLEX Storage Systems was the clear winner as my indoor storage solutions partner. Not only did their solution cost significantly less than the steel solutions currently available in the market, but their unique, insect and rust-free composite material was ideal for the high moisture/humidity location of my facility” said Moore.

FLEX’s panels will never rust or dent. PVC is virtually weather resistant compared to steel buildings that can’t hold up against rain and snowstorms. Invest in the most innovative building material and you’re investing in the very successful future of your storage business. 

4. Continue to Evolve Your Storage Business

Every business owner shares a common goal: to grow! Consumers are always buying more stuff, so there will always be a need for more space. FLEX makes it easy to expand your business – our custom solutions allow you to add units in even the trickiest of spaces. Looking to get more high-tech? FLEX has climate-controlled units that your customers are sure to appreciate! Maybe you’ve grown so much that you need more space for your employees – FLEX’s premium panels can build any prefabricated building! 

From construction to completion, FLEX Storage Systems is sure to deliver your storage business the highest quality product in the fastest build time in the industry. Invest in the best building material and the best team. Contact FLEX Storage Systems today!